To Those Leaving Their Old Lives Behind

. Six months into a graduate program at a music conservatory in Ohio, I made the hardest decision of my life. I had spent the previous 12 years training to become a professional cellist. It was the only thing I had ever known. All of my friends were classical musicians. Some

Implicit Code Splitting and Chunk Loading with React Router and Webpack

. In this post, we'll be refactoring React Router's "huge apps" example, using Webpack's bundle-loader to eliminate nearly all of the example's code-splitting boilerplate, and addressing how to use this technique in a project with universal rendering. This post assumes you have experience with React, React Router, Babel/ES6, and Webpack.

pinkyPromise: JavaScript Promises in 45 Lines of Code

. Disclaimer: these are not full-featured promises and don't follow any official promises spec. However, the concepts are the same, and it helps explain what is going on behind the scenes. This method is intended to be especially concise and relatively easy to understand (though still quite challenging). What does it

Building an App with React and RefluxJS

. A couple of months ago, I learned React by writing a game called Flip. Since then, React and the Flux architecture have attracted a lot of attention in the web developer community. Because of React's superior DOM performance, and the scalable nature of Flux’s one-directional data flow, many in

Flip - A ReactJS Game

. Building upon my experience with the ReactJS Slide Puzzle, I thought I'd take the concept of a React-based game one step further. Flip is not very practical, and uses a lot of potentially buggy CSS3 and ES5 methods, but I mean, it's just a game. Besides, it shows some of

ReactJS Slide Puzzle

. I put together a simple 3X3 slide puzzle as a first attempt at React.js. I was inspired after running through Brian Barnett's great Tic Tac React tutorial, and therefore mine shares much of the same code. I really recommend his post if you're interested in learning about React. By