Don't You Messa With Me, Giuseppe

. ASO and Chorus Austin perform Verdi’s Messa da Requiem. 11/02/13 7:59pm. A friend and I rush into the foyer as the doors close behind us. The excitement is too much for my impetuous bladder. I take a gamble and manage what must be, in terms of

Current Obsessions - The Violin Maker

. Lately I've been obsessed with the profession of violin making. If you haven't seen it yet, this is a beautiful short film profile of New York-based luthier Sam Zygmuntowicz, the premiere installment of director Dustin Cohen's popular video series Made In Brooklyn. Inspiring as it is, last night I bought

Cho-Liang "Jimmy" Lin performs Prokofiev

. It's a dark and wet Saturday in October. As I approach the Long Center, I expect to hear the ACL festival, but the Long Center's ever-noisy neighbor Threadgills triumphs. Above the ring-beam terrace, a waning gibbous moon shines through a gap in the clouds. Cho-Liang Lin performs Prokofiev Violin Concerto

This Needs More Views - Cello Joe

. Cello Joe is a baller beatboxing cellist from Cali that clearly just doesn't give a damn. With a violin buddy and drums, Cello Joe lets loose on an narcotic improvisation called "Spaceship". Everything about this video is genius, from the noodly West-coast dancing to the exercise bike lady's well-put/placed

Bach, Bock and Vodka with the Sound Bridge Project

. Two Thursdays ago I'm eagerly headed to Russian House for what I assume to be a night of rad amateur Russian classical music. All I know is that the event is staged by the Sound Bridge Project, a local confederation of classical musicians and ensembles dedicated to bringing classical music

MXDWN Madness #6

. Yoko Ono, Flaming Lips, Sleepy Sun, Avett Brothers, Chris Cornell, Kid606, and Albert Hammond Jr. Letterman and Fallon host the bigtimers, Sleepy Sun's got a druggy new video, Kid606 delivers new tracks, and the Strokes' Albert Hammond Jr. goes on a solo tour. WATCH: The Flaming Lips Join Yoko Ono