Counterpoint - Hacking the WordPress Loop

. Early on in every web developer's career, there comes a time when the Google teat runneth dry. All of a sudden, your good, clean, best-practiced code is in danger of mutating into cascades of if-statements and ugly hacks, just like your own brain. Stop. Backspace that sentence and a half

Gesualdo: Moro, lasso, al mio duolo

. The early hours of the morning are host to some of the more sublime experiences in an introvert's life. As the rest of the world goes to sleep, as the stress of the day fades away and the air in the room grows still, it becomes possible to corral, through

On Math, Music, and the Poetry of Change

. For two years since I turned my back on the masters degree program at the Cleveland Institute of Music, I felt as though I'd been stuck in a vicious pirouette, wobbling---NAY---nutating like a dreidel on a narrow outcrop above existential despair. So this past summer I wrenched myself free of

Over The Hill With Anton Nel

. Saturday, January 11th, 2014. It's a new year and there's a particular excitement brewing in Dell Hall. I managed to arrive on time and I'm sitting in primo orchestra seats, courtesy of my internship with the Symphony library. From a personal perspective, this show is a special one, as I

Mozart: The String Quartets (Hagen Quartet)

. Eight straight hours of soul-crushing friendliness demands equally aggressive diversion. So, when permitted, I take a seat cross-legged on a bench in front of a dear unnamed retail establishment, eyes closed but still pierced by a bright setting sun, set my iPod to Mozart, and melt like Icarus into merciful

Debussy No Evil

. 8:00pm. I'm in my car rushing to Blackerby for an evening of Claude Debussy's chamber music which starts, oh, maintenant. I clocked out early from work, but I still arrive several minutes late, checking first the front door—locked—and then a slightly ajar back door, which